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Meadows Instrumentation, Inc. Service Program

In these tough economic times every dollar saved is important. The service cost for instruments accounts for 40 percent of a labs total budget and we can help reduce that. For over 17 years Meadows Instrumentation has been selling the best refurbished Agilent and Waters HPLC and GC systems. We work diligently to provide the best service and support for these machines. We maintain a fully stocked lab and shop area with an extensive stock of new and used parts on hand at all times to minimize turnaround time, most instruments are able to be repaired within 24 hours.

Why send your instrument to Meadows Instrumentation for repair or preventive maintenance?

With other companies, when you call to have a service engineer sent out to your lab to service your instruments you start paying when they leave the shop or office. Often they will not have all the parts needed to repair your instrument, if it is more than a simple problem and you will need to wait for them to obtain the parts and come back. This costs your lab valuable time and money.

What sets Meadows Instrumentation service apart from other companies?

We have an extensive working knowledge of how these machines operate. We do not just start changing parts until we hit the right one then charge you for all the parts replaced regardless if they were bad or not. This is a very common practice in the instrument service industry. We have dedicated test instruments that we use to definitively identify the defective part in your instrument, eliminating the guess work. This saves significant time and money.

What type of services do you provide?

We provide technical support on the phone as well as basic service, complete system refurbishing, and everything in-between. Since we are a full service shop we also have a complete paint facility to handle repainting your instrument if needed with factory paint so that it looks like new when you get it back. All instruments sent in for service will be fully cleaned before they are returned, both inside and out.

How does it work?

The best place to start when you have a problem with an instrument is to give us a call, we still believe in having a human being answering the phone. Tell us about the problem you are having, it could be something we can work with you to fix over the phone. If we are not able to resolve it by phone, we will ask you to send your instrument to us for evaluation. We will ask you to also fill out a service request form here: Service Request Form and a decontamination form here: Decontamination Form. Please complete both forms and send them back by email to sales@meadowshplc.com. Once we have received and evaluated your instrument we will send you a quotation. There are never any hidden fees or extra charges. If you decide not to have your instrument repaired by us we will return it at no charge, other than the return shipping.

How do I send my instrument to you for evaluation?

We recommend using FedEx or UPS to send your instrument with full insurance. Please pack your instrument properly with plenty of packing peanuts and bubble wrap. Use at least 4 inches of packing material on all sides of your instrument. If you are not sure about the best way to pack your instrument we will send you a shipping box with packing material and a UPS shipping label to send your instrument to us, if you would like this service please let us know.

Do your repairs come with a warranty?

All instruments we repair come with a 90 day warranty on the parts we repaired.

How much do you charge?

We do not bill by the hour like most service companies do, we charge a flat fee that includes parts and labor. When you get our quote for the repair of your instrument that will be the only price you pay. We will never come back later and say that we found something else wrong and will need to charge more.

Do you offer Preventive Maintenance (PM) plans?

Yes, we do. If you’re in our local area we will come out to your lab to provide this service but if you are located outside our area you can still take advantage of this service. Many of our customers send their systems in once a year. At which time we do a full evaluation, address any issues that we see and clean your instrument. If you would like to take advantage of this service please let us know and we will send you a quote. If you choose to utilize our PM service we will set up a date with you to send the instrument in and we will dedicate someone to do the job as fast as possible, usually within two business days. If you would like to discuss your service needs please give us a call or send us an email.

What are the benefits of sending your instrument in for repair or a full PM versus having a local service representative come out to your site?

  • We employ highly trained technicians with many years of experience repairing HPLC and GC systems.
  • Considerable cost savings over onsite repair.
  • Better in-house diagnostic software and equipment that is not available to bring to the customers site.
  • Large onsite parts inventory, we don’t have to come back in a few days to bring the right part.
  • Properly outfitted repair facility to service your instrument. We are not limited by what is in your lab such as having an ultra-sonic cleaner to clean your pump head when we have it removed for seal replacement.
  • Quick turnaround, we normally have instruments repaired within 24 hours.
  • Friendly, helpful, qualified staff to help with your problem, you can even ask us technical questions about your instruments and we will give you an answer you can use.
  • Special requests. If you tell us that you will have your 1100 quat pump delivered to us on Friday and need it ready to ship on Monday we can handle this for you at no extra charge.