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Waters 600E Gradient Module HPLC System


Waters 600E Gradient module is the first low-pressure mixing system that offers no-compromise high performance in a single pump design. Waters patented time-proven pump and RPS (Random Phase Synchronized) Proportioning software let you precisely and accurately blend up to four solvents.

Waters 600E Module is easy to use and an control your system without a workstation. The screen prompts you through all programming steps and lets you monitor complete gradient and time event programs. Quickly program complex gradients by combining segments of up to 11 preprogrammed gradient curves. Although designed for analytical LC, the 600E can easily be configured for preparative isolations at flow rates up to 45 mL/min.

Designed for round-the-clock use, this pump can deliver the performance and versatility needed for either routine analyses or methods development. The predictability performance of the 600E pump guarantees gradient reproducibility. you get reliable chromatography-injection to injection, system to system, day after day.

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