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Waters 996 PDA Detector


Waters 996 Detector is the highest sensitivity, most versatile HPLC Photodiode Array Detector available. The Waters 996 detector operates exclusively with Waters Empower software to provide complete spectral acquisition and results management. All performance specifications are for the 996 detector following a warm-up period of one hour.

Advanced Taper Beam optics insure exceptional S/N performance and the freedom from any refractive index effects needed in high sensitivity analyses. Exceptional optical resolution distinguishes between compounds and structurally similar impurities, even in disparate or trace quantities.

The detector’s unmatched linearity and sensitivity (chroma-tographic and spectral) is maintained across the range of monitored wavelengths. Scan the entire wavelength range to obtain detailed spectral maps. Then look at your results from a variety of perspectives, even while a separation is under way.

Increase Confidence: Automatically identify peaks using the Library Match function. Assess peak homogeneity and identity using Waters unique Spectral Contrast and library match algorithms.

Finest Spectral Details: The true 1.2 nm optical resolution and optics bench efficiency enables the combination of narrow slit width with high digital resolution into the markets only true “no-compromise” optical system.

Easy to Set-up and Run: Due to the "no-compromise" optics design, no choices need to be made regarding chromatographic or spectral sensitivity. Turn the 996 on and run.

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