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Waters 464 Electrochemical Detector


The 464 Electrochemical Detector offers versatility in electrochemical detection. Because it can be operated in DC, pulse or scan modes, the 464 is suited specifically for core research, methods development and routine analysis applications.


  • Analyzes picogram levels of catecholamines and ppb concentration of ions in DC mode
  • Reproducibly detects carbohydrates in pulse mode
  • Scans analytes to determine optimum detection potentials
  • The high sensitivity and selectivity ensures confidence in your results

Easy to Use: Menu-driven user interface speeds setup and constantly displays detector status. Autocalibration and self-diagnostic routines simplify trouble-shooting.

Improved Productivity: Autocalibration, self-diagnostic routines, autozero and chartmark features combine to enable convenient, unattended operation.

Application Flexibility: The high sensitivity and selectivity afforded by a choice of electrode options make the 464 suitable for a wide range of applications.

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