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Waters 2795 HPLC System


The 2795 Separations Module offers the same proven solvent management technology of the 2695 Separations Module, and incorporates XYZ sample handling. Unique to the integral XYZ sample manager is the plate carrier and database, both of witch enhance ease-of-use and robustness by eliminating the guesswork when using different types of microliter plates and vials.

System includes:

  • Waters 2795 Separations Module with column heater and degasser
  • Your choice of Waters 996 PDA Detector or Waters 2487 Dual Absorbance Detector
  • NEW 250GB computer with LCD monitor (not shown), mouse, keyboard, and PCI BUS/LACE board
  • All necessary power cords, HPIB cables, tubing and manuals are included
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