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HPLC Systems

Welcome to our used Waters HPLC and used HP / Agilent equipment information page.

Hplc Systems

We specialize in used Waters HPLC as well as Hewlett Packard / Agilent HPLC instruments. At Meadows Instrumentation, all instruments are refurbished in house beginning with a complete tear down including sub assemblies. Bodies and covers are repainted in an environmentally controlled spray booth, using durable two stage epoxy paint with the manufacturers' original colors. Every used HPLC instrument is completely dismantled, inspected and cleaned. Customer satisfaction is our biggest priority.

Waters HPLC

If you are looking for used HPLC equipment, Waters HPLC is your first choice to consider. Their analytical instruments such as autosamplers, pumps, mass spectrometers, refractometers, HPLC systems and detectors enjoy good reputation of being top quality in HPLC industry.

Waters HPLC Systems provide the information-rich analytical capabilities you need for process monitoring. Simple sample submission, automated data processing, and results reporting allow analysts and engineers to easily determine if reaction progress is operating outside predetermined specifications.

The Alliance System, introduced in 1996, is Waters' best-selling HPLC system and has also become an industry standard instrument for HPLC analysis. Meadows Instrumentations' main focus is to makes sure that refurbished Waters hplc equipment operates and looks like new to meet high expectations of our clients.

Licenses for Waters' Software Products, including but not limited to Waters' Empower Software, Breeze Software and Associated Oracle Licenses, are not transferable. Software for these products can not be assigned, rented, sublicensed, timeshared or transferred. In order to hold a valid license to use Waters' software, you must purchase directly from Waters, an Empower process only software kit license or Breeze software kit license and appropriate application managers.

Agilent HPLC Systems

Hewlett Packard / Agilent HPLC

All the Performance. All the Time. Whatever your priority: speed, resolution, or sensitivity; Agilent instruments, with their flexible, modular design, ensures configurations ideally suited to meet your application requirements. Intuitive user interfaces will let you instantaneously control and monitor the instrument status. New choices in data analysis offer you rapid and efficient data review tools. The Agilent diagnostic software enables Intelligent Services providing more uptime, independent of the data system in use.

We at Meadows Instrumentation, Inc. take great care to make sure that our refurbished HPLC and GC equipment will meet all expectations of our customers.